Dr. Somsekhar

Dear Friends,
I am honored & delighted to have taken the mantle of serving as President of our esteemed Association.
My role now is to work alongside the newly elected Executive Committee & our members to build on the excellent work that has been accomplished by my distinguished predecessors.
I assure you of being in touch regularly and updating you on the activities of our association. I urge you all to contribute academically and for creating awareness programs. It’s our mission to improve surgical skills, regularly conducts live, video and cadaver workshops and brings together the best in the field to mentor and guide budding breast surgeons.
⦁ Transparency, De-Centralization
⦁ Standardization of Breast care in India- ABSI Module
⦁ Uniformity in Breast surgery in all Medical Colleges in India
⦁ Research and Academics – India Solutions for Indian Problems
Furthering the vision of the founding members, it is my avowed goal to take ABSI to new heights both nationally and internationally.
Finally, I look forward very much to your support, suggestions and guidance in achieving excellence in breast healthcare and taking ABSI .
Best regards.

Chairman & HOD Surgical Oncology
Consultant Surgical & Gynec.Onco & Robotic Surgeon, HIPEC Super specialist
Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center, Manipal hospital , Bangalore
President  ABSI
Member MHB Medical Advisory Board
Member Board of Studies MHB, Manipal University
Adjunct Professor Surgical Oncology, Manipal University