About Us

With over 100, 000 new cases of breast cancer being diagnosed every year, it has overtaken the incidence of cervical cancer to become the leading cause of cancer related mortality in urban India. Although Breast Cancer is managed by Surgical Oncologists, the vast proportion of both benign and malignant Breast disease is largely managed by General Surgeons across the Country. There are very few dedicated Breast Centres in the Country & the survival of patients with breast cancer varies across the Country.

Breast Surgery is now a recognized subspecialty of General Surgery abroad with structured training for designated ‘Breast Surgeons’. There are recognized training Programmes in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery abroad & over the recent years, Breast cancer care has been enhanced by the emergence of Specialist Breast Surgeon with training in Oncoplastic Surgical skills – Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon.

The Association of Breast Surgeons of India (ABSI) will represent General Surgeons, Surgical Oncologists and Plastic Surgeons who treat patients with Breast disease. It would be committed to improve the art & science of Breast surgery by serving as an advocate for surgeons who seek excellence in the care of patients with breast disease. The Association will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas by promoting education & research in collaboration with similar Associations across the World.