ABSI is formed as per guidelines set in Schedule 11 of memorandum of ASI and has been approved as a Section of ASI in 2010.

The objectives of the ABSI shall be:

  • To promote the art & science of Breast disease in the Indian Subcontinent
  • To advance standards and training in Breast Disease amongst members of the medical profession and professions allied to medicine.
  • To formulate structured training including assessment programmes in collaboration with National and International institutions
  • To develop Breast Surgery as a distinct Subspecialty in India
  • To promote the study and research of Breast Disease
  • To bring out (from time to time) a consensus statement regarding the standardized and optimum management of various breast diseases in Indian scenario [“in order to find an Indian solution to Indian problems”].
  • To represent Surgeons practicing Breast Surgery on National & International platform
  • To create public awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer